Multifamily Recycling Study

WSRA's Washington State Multifamily Study Group (WAMRS) was formed in 2012 to characterize existing multifamily recycling service in Washington State and to identify best management practices for successful multifamily recycling programs.


In 2012-13, WAMRS conducted a statewide survey of multifamily property managers and management firms to understand perceptions of and barriers to multifamily recycling from the perspective of building management. In addition, recycling coordinators from across the state completed a survey about agency recycling programs, and a group of industry professionals conducted research into national and international multifamily recycling programs.

Final Report

The final report completed by this group can be found HERE

More Resources

Additional resources about multifamily recycling programs that were used by the WAMRS study group are provided here:

  • Property Manager Survey: provides findings of a survey of property managers conducted by Full Circle Environmental and Elway Research, Inc.
  • Agency Survey: provides the findings of a survey of agencies providing garbage and recycling services to multifamily properties
  • Multifamily Programs in the U.S. and Canada: provides findings of a survey of solid waste and recycling agencies (outside of Washington state) in the United States and Canada to identify and assess multifamily recycling programs
  • Multifamily Food Waste: provides slides from WSRA and the City of Seattle regarding food waste in multifamily units in Seattle
  • International Multifamily Recycling Case Studies: provides slides highlighting results of a study conducted by Cascadia Consulting Group sharing case studies of innovative recycling practices from around the world. 
  • Multifamily Programs in the United States: provides slides highlighting findings of multifamily recycling programs in the United States


Funding for the statewide survey of multifamily property managers project was generously provided by a $60,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology and matching funds from six WSRA-member agencies, including Spokane Regional Solid Waste System, City of Tacoma, City of Seattle, Clark County, King County Housing Authority and Kitsap County.