2015 WRED Events


What Happened in 2015:

July 30, 2015 |  LightRecycle Washington Goes Live!
South Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA

On Thursday, July 30 at the first official  WRED event of 2015, almost 60  attendees joined us at the Georgetown Campus of the South Seattle Community College, WA for, "LightRecycle Washington Goes Live!". From the effect mercury has on the environment and health if not disposed of properly to the nuts and bolts of LightRecycle WA program itself. Attendees then had a behind-the-scenes tour of EcoLights NW guided by knowledgeable and energetic staff who answered questions and helped explain the light recycling process in the facility.  Attendees cycled through seven  separate stations throughout the facility, each focusing on a different step in the recycling process.  




September 17, 2015  |  Public & Private Partnerships: Success in Skagit County
Burlington City Hall, Burlington, WA 

On Thursday, September 17 over 60 attendees joined us in the beautiful council chambers at Burlington City Hall in Burlington, WA for," Public and Private Partnerships: Success in Skagit County". Skagit County Commissioner, Ken Dahlstedt kicked off the day as a self-stated “solid waste survivor” and spoke on the lengthy and diligent work the county has done in creating a hub of solid waste resources for the area creating the basis for the public and private partnerships that would be highlighted throughout the day. After lunch, attendees split into two groups and headed to tour Lautenbach Industries and the Skagit County Transfer and Recycling Station.  Participants were treated to learning how both of these facilities work as well as how they benefit from their co-location in an industrial area of Skagit County.



October 22, 2015  | WARNING: Biohazard - Hospital Heroes and Handling Hazardous & Dangerous Wastes
Murrey's Disposal, Fife, WA

On a sunny morning in October 2015, attendees gathered at Murrey's Disposal in Fife for an in depth look at hospital waste and how hazardous materials are handled in the healthcare realm.  The day wrapped up with a great tour of the Stericycle Tacoma facility and a behind the scenes introduction to the new facility being developed to handle medical related waste.