2013 WRED Events


What Happened in 2013:

June 20, 2013 |  Sorting it Out: The State of Multifamily Recycling
Renton Community Center

Nearly 100 attendees gathered with industry leaders and multifamily property managers in the Renton Community Center  for this WRED event exploring the complex nature of multifamily recycling, composting, and resident education in Washington State. Jack Harris of Blue Marble Environmental, WSRA Secretary Angela Wallis of King County Housing Authority, and WSRA Vice President Christopher Piercy of Kitsap County Solid Waste Division, shared results from 18 months of work by dozens of WSRA volunteers on the unprecedented WSRA Washington Multifamily Recycling Study, which includes findings regarding challenges, successes, and needs in recycling and food waste collection from surveys of property managers and agencies across the state. Guests heard from property managers and WSRA members who are experts in multifamily recycling. The event also featured roundtable discussions over lunch to delve further into multifamily recycling issues.


Blue Marble Environmental
West Seattle Recycling

July 12, 2013  |  Food, Glorious Food!
Thurston County Food Bank

Silver Springs Organics, a commercial composting facility, and Thurston County Food Bank opened their doors to WSRA on July 12 for "Food, Glorious Food,” at which 50 participants took facility tours and learned about food recovery and rescue programs. Morning panels and presentations by a variety of topic experts presented different perspectives about how municipal composting programs and community food centers can create healthy communities. Robert Coit, Executive Director at Thurston County Food Bank, discussed the food bank’s programs and their strategies for providing healthy meals , nutritional information, and managing food waste. Panelists Elizabeth Chipps-Freeman, Emily Garofalo, and Joanna Rasmussen of Emergency Food Network, a nonprofit organization serving Pierce County’s 67 food banks and hot meal sites, shared information about how their programs have impacted Pierce County communities. Rick Johnston of Pierce County Public Works & Utilities provided insight into municipal composting programs, including three recommendations for managing food waste that came out of the county’s year-long study of food waste management.

Royal Organic

August 22, 2013 | Universal Waste: Recycling Beyond the Curb

Washington sets a high bar for environmentally responsible and community-based recycling options for Universal Waste – electronic waste, CFL bulbs and tubes, batteries, toner cartridges and cell phones. At this event, participants heard about how these systems work, got an update on the latest policy-driven and voluntary take-it-back programs, and toured Total Reclaim, a recycler of computers and electronics, EcoLights, a fluorescent lamp recycler, and Magnum Print Solutions, a local toner cartridge manufacturer and recycler.



   3R Technology  
Emerald Recycling

September 27, 2013 | The Future of Fiber: Emerging Issues & Trends

At our last WRED event of the summer, guests heardfrom experts about the future of paper and corrugate recycling, how Starbucks sees the cup recycling landscape nationally, and what the impact and outcome of China’s Green Fence Initiative might mean for the future of fibers and other recyclables. Attendees learned from a panel of recycling commodities experts from local MRFs and gained insights to their challenges with processing and where opportunities exist, and then toured SP Recycling, a regional MRF that is integrated with a paper mill.




SP Recycling