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2016 Conference Speakers
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Opening Keynote Address

 Hannah Ubl | Bridgeworks  


As a Millennial and generational expert, Hannah thrives on studying what motivates, forms and challenges her complex generation. Her passion and mission is to use a healthy blend of stories and stats to help people gain a deeper understanding of one another. Her research has unearthed valuable tips and actionable solutions for multi-generational workplaces, and key strategies for marketing and reaching more generationally diverse client bases.

A well-rounded generational expert, Hannah is especially knowledgeable about generations as they relate to healthcare, marketing and sustainability. But Hannah doesn’t draw the line there. She has delivered her dynamic presentations in companies such as Cisco Systems, GE Energy, Ralph Lauren, BlueCross BlueShield, and Securian. Hannah is driven by the "a-ha" moments during speeches when audience members who seemed reticent at first can be seen nodding and smiling in appreciation during presentations.

Hannah's no stranger to nicknames, and the one that stuck? Research Hound. She's constantly digging up cutting-edge articles on the generation topic and sharing them on social media. Hannah heads up BridgeWorks’ social media efforts and is heavily involved in researching generational differences on a global scale in countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia. She is also the research lead on one of our key research initiatives, looking at the generation after Millennials, Generation Edge.

Hannah graduated from Boston University where she studied advertising and environmental science. A weird combination? Absolutely. But that’s who she is – a unique blend of technical, communication (and generational) knowledge. In her spare time, she can be found coaching for the Lakeville North High School speech team, reading in her favorite haunt or persuading her friends to join her at “After Dark” – the adult night at the Science Museum.

Watch Hannah's Speaking Demo  HERE 


Closing Keynote Address

 Yoram Bauman, Ph.D.   
   The world's first and only Stand-Up Economist
Yoram Bauman (yur-AHM BAUW-min), “the world’s first and only stand-up economist”, performs regularly at colleges and corporate events, sharing the stage with everyone from the late Robin Williams to Paul Krugman. He has appeared in TIME Magazine and on PBS and NPR, and is the co-author of the Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change and the two-volume Cartoon Introduction to Economics, which is now available in Chinese, German, Italian, etc. Speaking of foreign languages, he is also the organizer of the humor session at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association.

He has a PhD in economics from the University of Washington and works in Washington State and elsewhere on climate change economics and policy, especially carbon pricing. His most recent academic paper (“Climate sensitivity: should the climate tail wag the policy dog?”) was co-authored with UW climate scientist Gerard Roe and appeared in the April 2013 issue of Climatic Change. He is also a part of the Carbon Washington effort to bring a revenue-neutral carbon tax to Washington State. His website is


Breakout Speakers (Alphabetical)


   Quinn Apuzzo | Zero Waste Manager, Recology CleanScapes
Operations Track #3-Car Seat Reuse and Recycling: A Community and Industry Collaboration 
Quinn Apuzzo joined Recology CleanScapes in 2009 and currently serves as the company’s Waste Zero Manager. In this capacity, she and her team are responsible for developing and delivering innovative waste reduction and recycling outreach and education programs in franchise cities. Quinn is a graduate of Hobart & William Smith Colleges and holds a degree in Public Policy and Economics.

   Kris Beatty |  Program Manager, King County Solid Waste Division
Policy #1-C&D: Paths to Zero Waste of Resources
Kris Beatty, Program Manager for King County Solid Waste Division, has worked in the field of waste prevention and recycling for 15 years, in the areas of market development, public education, and public policy. In that time she has designed and implemented recycling education campaigns promoting green building, compost use, and textiles donation, and worked on a variety of public policies, including King County’s post-construction soil standards, which promote compost use to remediate disturbed soils. Since 2002, Kris has managed King County LinkUp, which facilitates an interactive community of businesses, public agencies and other organizations to address barriers preventing development of recycling infrastructure and markets for products and materials such as clean wood, asphalt shingles, carpet, compost, and textiles.

   Jeanette Brizendine |  Recycling Project Manager, City of Federal Way Public Works
Education #2-Multi-Family Valet Recycling: It's In The Bag

Jeanette Brizendine is the Solid Waste and Recycling Project Manager for the City of Federal Way. Over the last nine years, she has provided waste reduction and recycling outreach to the single-family residents, multi-family residents, businesses and schools in the City of Federal Way. Her dedication and creative approaches to educational outreach have shown positive results and she earned WSRA’s Individual Recycler of the Year award in 2013. Jeanette is an active volunteer in her community and on the board for the South King Tool Library and Edgewood Economic Development Advisory Board. She holds two degrees from Western Washington University; a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Although she found her education interesting, it could not compete with her life-long love of recycling and resource conservation. She lives in Edgewood, WA with her equally-eco-passionate husband and toddler.

   Derric Brown | Director of Sustainability,  Evergreen Packaging, Carton Council Member
Operations #1- Measuring Materials Management and a Presentation of the MRF Material Flow Study Report
Derric Brown is Director Sustainability for Evergreen Packaging headquartered in Memphis, TN. Evergreen Packaging is the largest producer of paperboard-based gable top beverage packaging products globally and in the United States. He currently leads Evergreen’s sustainability programs including sustainable forestry initiatives and carton recycling. Derric has been involved with the Carton Council since 2009 to increase household recycling access and recovery of aseptic and gable top cartons. He has worked with the Carton Council on school carton recycling programs and the development and implementation of strategies and tactics used in this successful recycling campaign. Derric currently serves as a Board Member for the Recycling Partnership.

   Dave Claugus |  Owner and Vice President,  Pioneer  Recycling
Markets #3a- Recycling Markets Explained- An Economist's View
Dave Claugus has worked in many aspects of the recycling industry including residential buyback, wastepaper collection & processing, shredding, e-waste collection and processing, composting and comingled single-stream processing over the past 35 years. He is currently an owner and Vice-President for Pioneer Recycling which operates MRF’s in Tacoma, WA and Portland, Oregon.

   Kinley Deller |  Waste Reduction  Specialist, King County Solid Waste 
Policy #1-C&D: Paths to Zero Waste of Resources
inley Deller provides construction related waste reduction and recycling assistance to project managers, contractors, architects, and developers for the King County GreenTools program. Building on over 16 years experience in the waste reduction field, Kinley is an expert in deconstruction techniques and practices and has been instrumental in promoting the concept of design for disassembly to maximize the potential for future building reuse.

 Lisa Dulude |  Manager, Snohomish County's Office of Energy and Sustainability
Markets #1-Overcoming Compost Contamination: A 360 Degree Perspective from Collection, Processing, and End-use Markets

Lisa Dulude is the Manager of Snohomish County's Office of Energy and Sustainability, where she works on energy and resource conservation efforts within County government and in the community. Since joining the County in 2010, she has led the County's new Zero Waste Fairgrounds initiative, EnergySmart Loan Program, Savvy Septic Financing Program, and the County Green Team in the creation of the County's first Sustainable Operations Action Plan (SOAP). Prior to joining the County, Lisa worked as a consultant in urban planning and environmental health. She has a Master's degree in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington in Seattle, and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Bates College in Lewiston, ME. Lisa is a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor and Certified Building Operator.

   Matt Englesby | Senior Materials Buyer,  Trex Company
Education #4-Going Beyond Bags with WRAP
 Matt Englesby has an educational background in GIS with an emphasis in urban development from the University of Washington. For the past 7 years he has been working at the Trex Company in the polymer sourcing department. In his current role as a senior materials buyer he is responsible for buying over 25 million lbs of scrap plastic film in the NW annually.

   Lana Getubig |  EHS Manager, Ardagh Group, Glass – Seattle
Markets #3b- From Supermarket to Curb to New Glass Packaging: Where does your empty container go and what happens to it?
Lana Getubig is an environmental health and safety professional with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, research and development organizations including electronic/semiconductor, biotechnology and vaccines, diagnostics and academics, aerospace, and container packaging.

Lana is passionate about wine so it is not a coincidence that she landed a position in the industry. Not exactly at the winery but at a wine bottle plant in Seattle where they make over 1.3 million bottles a day. Having taken viticulture, enology, and sensory classes for the last six years, she has a pretty solid understanding from vine to tank/barrel to glass. She is an active volunteer at local wineries where you can find her pouring WA’s best cabs. She is on a learning curve in the glass business along with the greater beverage and container industry and dreams of making her own wine someday.

She holds a BS in Environmental Studies along with an MBA.

   Mason Giem |  Compost Outreach Coordinator, Washington State University
Markets #1-Overcoming Compost Contamination: A 360 Degree Perspective from Collection, Processing, and End-use Markets
Plenary Session- State of the State: Washington Compost Systems at the Crossroads
Mason Giem is the Compost Outreach Coordinator at the Washington State University Extension office in Everett. As Compost Outreach Coordinator, Mason runs a program that facilitates the use and research of municipal compost on farms in Snohomish and King Counties. The program has worked with over 70 farmers and helped distribute 4,658 tons of compost since it began in 2011. Mason is passionate about creating a sustainable food system and is happy to be presenting at WSRA for a second time.

Terry Gillis   |  General Manager, Recovery 1, Inc.
 Policy  #1-C&D: Paths to Zero Waste of Resources,  Education #3- The Path to Progress-Recycling Hard to Recycle Materials

Terry Gillis is the General Manager/Owner of Recovery 1, Inc. and President/Owner of Carpet Processing & Recycling, LLC; both companies are located in Tacoma, WA. Terry has been recycling waste generated during typical construction activities for 20-years, pioneering methods to convert waste into resources.


Nina Goodrich   |  Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Executive Director, GreenBlue
Policy Track #4- Food Service Packaging: How to Get the Food and Not the Contaminants 
Nina came to GreenBlue with an industry and consultancy background in R & D management, innovation and sustainability strategy. GreenBlue’s mission is shaping the business of sustainability by arming the agents of change within industry with the science, technology and value propositions to help make business more sustainable. Nina believes that innovation and sustainability are linked as key drivers for our future. Nina has held leadership positions in R & D with Alcan Packaging, Amcor, The Guelph Food Technology Center and Magic Pantry Foods. 

While in industry, as a lifetime student of the innovation process, she worked to develop a value innovation process for re-invention. This process has provided a key framework to link innovation and sustainability. At Alcan Packaging she held the position of Director, Sustainnovation in their Growth and Innovation Organization. It was in this role that she came to understand the opportunity side of sustainability and the role it can play in re-inventing competitive corporate strategy. Nina has worked to develop a value proposition for sustainability and to share it with all who will listen.

She has done graduate work in technology management and holds a BA in Molecular Biology from Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Regarded as a thought leader in the field, Nina speaks and writes frequently on the convergence of sustainability, innovation, and technology.


   Tanya Gray |  Solid Waste Supervisor,  City of Vancouver 
Education #4-Going Beyond Bags with WRAP
Tanya is the Solid Waste Supervisor for the City of Vancouver. A native to the northwest, Tanya has enjoyed nearly 20 years of work experience in solid waste and recycling. She served on the board of the Association of Oregon Recyclers and Empower Up – a Vancouver-based electronics reuse and recycling organization. Previous conference presentations and workshops include topics such as automated collection and commingled recycling best management practices. She is currently working with regional partners on ways to keep recycling contamination rates low.

Strategic Advisor for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship, Seattle Public Utilities

   Mary Harrington |  Organic Materials Management Lead, WA Dept. of Ecology HQ
Plenary Session- State of the State: Washington Compost Systems at the Crossroads
Mary Harrington is the Organic Materials Management Lead for the Washington Department of Ecology (HQ) where she is currently working to improve statewide diversion of all organics to beneficial end uses. She has managed local government curbside recycling and organics collection programs and has worked on improving organics management by helping in the development and implementation of environmental legislation in both Washington State and Georgia. Her articles on sustainable building, waste reduction and recycling have appeared in regional and national publications. Mary has a BA from Miami of Ohio and an MPA from The Evergreen State College.

   Stephanie Hicks |  Materials Resource Coordinator, Trex Company
Education #4-Going Beyond Bags with WRAP
Stephanie Hicks serves as the Materials Resource Coordinator for Trex Company in Winchester, VA., where she promotes consumer film and bag recycling through national school and community programs. A member of the Flexible Film Recycling Group and American Chemistry Council, she also serves on the board of Keep America Beautiful. Outside of the office, you can find her practicing her yoga or enjoying a good book.

   Sego Jackson |  Strategic Advisor for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship, Seattle Public Utilities
Policy Track #4- Food Service Packaging: How to Get the Food and Not the Contaminants
Since April 2015, Sego Jackson has served as Seattle Public Utilities’ Strategic Advisor for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship. Prior to his SPU position, he worked for 25 years for Snohomish County Solid Waste. His position at Seattle Public Utilities includes, in part, programmatic and policy work to improve the diversion of food scraps, compostable paper and compostable packaging by addressing packaging design and labeling issues. He is involved with the Compost Contamination Reduction Work Group, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and serves as the Chair of the Packaging and Policy Committees of the Northwest Product Stewardship Council. He has also been involved with the NW Commingled Recycling Work Group and has a keen interest in working with industry to increase the recyclability of their products and packaging.

   Shari Jackson |  Director of Film Recycling, American Chemistry Council
Education #4-Going Beyond Bags with WRAP

Ms. Jackson oversees the development, implementation and promotion of national and local programs designed to generate strong growth in the recycling of polyethylene film packaging. As the director of ACC’s Flexible Film Recycling Group, she leads programs and partnerships with key stakeholders that increase public awareness about how, where and the importance of recycling film packaging, while facilitating broader engagement. Ms. Jackson has extensive experience in trade association management, value chain outreach, and building partnerships with local governments and organizations to enhance recycling. She also works to help the plastics and chemical industries address environmental, health, safety, energy, and other marketplace issues. Ms. Jackson has B.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University.

   Chad W. Jones |  District Manager, ValetWaste
Education #2-Multi-Family Valet Recycling: It's In The Bag
Chad W. Jones is a District Manager for ValetWaste. He currently manages the door-step trash and recycling collection for 8,700 units at 18 different properties from DuPont to Federal Way. Chad accepted his current position last year after retiring from the Army with over 22 years’ experience as Combat Engineer with a specialty in explosive demolitions. He received both a Bronze Star Service medal with “Valor” device and a Purple Heart. Chad currently resides in Puyallup with his wife Patricia and two dogs.

Bart Kale   | President, Bart Kale and Associates
Operations Track #4:  Rethinking the Concept of Recycling- Recycling Waste Heat to Energy

Bart has a degree from the College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University and over 30 years of experience in Environmental Affairs, Regulatory Compliance and Recycling. He has worked both in the public and private sector and is currently an Environmental Consultant working with Environmental Issues concerning businesses and communities




   Dave Keeling |  General Manager, Western United States for the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI)
Markets #3c- Float/Sink: A Market Update on Plastics and Metals
David Keeling is the General Manager for Western United States for the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI). He is an Accredited Professional in the United States Green Building Council LEED rating system.

Mr. Keeling’s recycling related responsibilities include working on the state, county and municipal levels to implement steel recycling, as well as expand the steel recycling infrastructure and developing additional end markets for post-consumer steel. Mr. Keeling and the Steel Recycling Institute are a resource for anything steel.

Mr. Keeling will discuss the past and current market trends for steel scrap such as steel can and appliance scrap. He will also discuss ways for municipalities to maximize their steel diversion.

   Andy Keller |  President and Founder, ChicoBags Company
Operations  #2:  Bagging the Single-Use Habit-Addressing Human Behavior and Challenging the Status Quo
President and founder of ChicoBag Company, Andy Keller has a passion for developing simple product solutions to large environmental issues. Keller invented the first ChicoBag brand reusable bag in 2004 as a response to an overwhelming encounter with loose plastic bags at the landfill.

Andy Keller’s mission to help humanity bag the single-use habit has contributed to helping millions of people start a healthy reusable bag habit. Keller has also inspired thousands to dress up as a Bag Monster™ – the large and awkward embodiment of one person’s annual consumption of single-use bags.

Keller’s Bag Monster antics and awareness campaigns caught the attention of the single-use plastic bag industry, which responded with a crushing lawsuit in 2011 claiming that Keller’s well-sourced 3rd party statistics on recycling rates, consumption rates and oceanic plastic pollution were false and irreparably harming their business. The fight for the truth and to get the lawsuit dropped only deepened Keller’s resolve and dedication to his mission.

In addition to appearing before governments to testify in favor of eliminating single-use bag waste through legislation, he also offers his time and expertise to communities looking to enact change. ChicoBag and Keller’s mission has been featured by leading media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine and CNN.

   Kevin Kelly | General Manager, Recology CleanScapes
Policy #2: 2016 Washington State Legislative Wrap Up

Kevin is the General Manager for Recology CleanScapes based in Seattle. Kevin began his career working for a member of Congress in Washington, D.C. on environmental policy issues. He is active in many community organizations and is passionate about bringing people together to solve challenging issues. Kevin earned his Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. He is tri-chair of the WSRA’s Policy & Advocacy Committee. More than anything, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife Janet and daughter Ann.
   Alli Kingfisher   |  Materials Management and Sustainability Specialist, WA Department of Ecology
Policy #2: 2016 Washington State Legislative Wrap Up 

Alli Kingfisher is a Materials Management and Sustainability Specialist with the Washington Department of Ecology where she has worked since 2002. She primarily works on sustainability issues related to our waste stream. She has a MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. She is a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, a LEED AP and a skilled facilitator and graphic recorder. Alli also currently serves on the board of the Building Material Reuse Association. In 2010, she was recognized by Building Design + Construction Magazine as a recipient of their Top 40 Under 40 Award as a leader in the construction industry. In 2009, Alli worked on earthquake resistant sustainable demonstration homes in the earthquake-devastated region surrounding Chengdu, China.

Joel Kohsltedt |  Education & Outreach Coordinator, Waste Management, Pacific Northwest
Education #3:  Recycle Corps - Behavior Change on a Large Scale
Joel is an Education and Outreach Coordinator in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. He carries out outreach with both commercial and multifamily properties, and most enjoys working with schools and businesses to find new recycle and compost opportunities.

Joel graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Environmental Studies. His early passion was in education, but after taking a few environmental classes, he realized how important sustainability was, and how much work needs to be done to protect our planet. He carried both of those passions to his current work where he gets to educate about the environment. Joel enjoys the outdoors, snowboarding and camping, and wants to continue working within the environmental field to make the greatest impact he can to protect the environment and its resources.

   Chad Kruger |  Director, WSU  Northwestern Washington Research & Extension Center (NWREC) & Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources (CSANR) 
Plenary Session: State of the State: Washington Compost Systems at the Crossroads
Chad Kruger directs WSU’s Northwestern Washington Research & Extension Center (NWREC) in Mount Vernon and the Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources (CSANR). He has a B.A. in Philosophy and History and an Academic Certificate in Ecointensive Agriculture Technologies from Northwest College in Kirkland, WA. He then went on to receive an M.S. in Land Resources from the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and was an Au Sable Graduate Fellow at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He was raised in Washington State and has family roots in agriculture in both Eastern (wheat and cattle near Spokane) and Western Washington (berries in Whatcom County). Chad's areas of interest are agriculture and climate change, agricultural energy, water for agriculture, farm and food waste management.

   Craig Lorch |  Co-Owner, Total Reclaim and EcoLights Northwest
Operations Track #3-Car Seat Reuse and Recycling: A Community and Industry Collaboration

Craig Lorch has over twenty five years of experience in the recycling/hazardous waste management industry. He is a co-owner of Total Reclaim and EcoLights Northwest, managing legal, environmental and governmental affairs. Craig has served on numerous state appointed advisory committees related to the proper management of hazardous materials and is the Secretary of the national trade association, the Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers. Craig is also involved in several not-for-profit organizations that focus on recovery and re-use of valuable materials, including Bike Works and Village Bike Project. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington.

   Amity Lumper |  Managing Partner, Cascadia Consulting Group
Operations #1- Measuring Materials Management and a Presentation of the MRF Material Flow Study Report
Amity Lumper is a Managing Partner and Director of Cascadia’s Recycling and Materials Management practice. With nearly 20 years of experience in the waste management industry, she has managed a university campus collection program, led local and state waste characterization studies across the US, and now focuses on developing innovative programs with municipal and corporate clients and their recycling service providers. Selected clients include Waste Management, Republic Services, Alameda County Waste Management Authority, VF Corporation, UC Berkeley, Costco, and Sea-Tac Airport. Amity specializes in delivering research, behavior change, and innovative technology solutions that drive toward more sustainable materials management. She holds an M.S. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Rich McConaghy | Environmental Resources Manager, City of Vancouver
Education #4-Going Beyond Bags with WRAP
Rich McConaghy is the Environmental Resources Manager for the City of Vancouver, Washington (Public Works Department). He has coordinated the solid waste and recycling programs in Vancouver for the last 17 years. Previous to this, he was a recycling consultant for 10 years (with projects completed across the US and beyond) and an Ecologist/Solid Waste Analyst focused on projects in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science (Western Washington University) and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction (University of Oregon). Rich is active in and has been a board member of both the Washington State Recycling Association and the Association of Oregon Recyclers.

   Suellen Mele | Program Director, Zero Waste Washington
Operations Track #3-Car Seat Reuse and Recycling: A Community and Industry Collaboration

Suellen Mele has been the Program Director for Zero Waste Washington since 2003. She coordinates Zero Waste Washington’s policy work and contributed to the development and successful passage of Washington’s landmark electronics and mercury-containing lights recycling laws. Previously, she worked for over ten years for local governments on recycling and household hazardous waste issues. Suellen earned a Bachelors from Wesleyan University and a Masters in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon.

   Michelle Metzler    | Manager, Public Education & Outreach, Waste Management, Pacific Northwest
Education #1: Recycle Corps - Behavior Change on a Large Scale
Michelle Metzler is the Public Education and Outreach Manager for Waste Management of the Pacific Northwest. In this role, Michelle leads a team of Recycling Education Coordinators in working businesses, municipalities and communities to develop new programs and improve materials management practices. Michelle has worked with hundreds of businesses from a wide variety of industries to develop waste reduction strategies. She has extensive experience conducting waste audits, providing staff trainings, developing education programs and helping find creative ways for businesses to reduce waste increase recycling.

Prior to joining Waste Management, Michelle worked for the Multnomah County Sustainability Program where she helped government facilities reduce their waste and implement new recycling programs. She holds a bachelor's degree in environmental economics from Western Washington University and serves as the Conference Chair on the Association of Oregon Recyclers board.

   Patty Moore |  President, Moore Recycling Associates, Inc
Markets #3c- Float/Sink: A Market Update on Plastics and Metals
Patty Moore is President of Moore Recycling Associates Inc. She began working in the plastic recycling field in 1983 at a mandatory municipal recycling facility in Wilton, NH. Ms. Moore is an internationally recognized authority on—and fierce advocate of—postconsumer plastic recycling.

   Sarah Schilz  |  Deputy Director, WestSide Baby
Operations Track #3-Car Seat Reuse and Recycling: A Community and Industry Collaboration
Sarah Schilz is the Deputy Director at WestSide Baby. She joined the team as the Volunteer/Program Coordinator and has been an active leader in WestSide Baby's growth for over 7 years. Prior to WestSide Baby, Sarah worked at the University of Washington in Development and holds a Master's certificate in Management of Community Organizations from Tufts University. Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern University with a degree in Sociology and a focus in Education. She is also a mother to a 3 year old daughter.


Susan Thoman   |  Director of Public and Government Affairs, Cedar Grove Composting
Markets Track #1:  Overcoming Compost Contamination: A 360 Degree Perspective from Collection, Processing, & End-Use Market
Plenary Session: State of the State: Washington Compost Systems at the Crossroads
Susan is the Director of Public and Government Affairs for Cedar Grove Composting, the state’s largest commercial composter of residential and commercial clean green and food scraps. Susan began her work in the environmental field in 1986, holding various leadership and corporate training positions before joining Cedar Grove in 2004.


Susan has been a frequent environmental speaker and educator at government and business sponsored workshops and events since beginning her career, and has a passion for working on collaborative sustainability projects and programs. She proudly co-chairs the Member Services and Fundraising committees for WSRA.

 Photo Coming Soon!  Gabriella Uhlar-Heffner | Senior Planning and Development Specialist, Seattle Public Utilities
Policy #1-C&D: Paths to Zero Waste of Resources
Gabriella is a Senior Planning and Development Specialist for Seattle Public Utilities where she has been employed for 26 years. She became involved with promoting recycling in the mid-1980s through environmental advocacy work with the Washington Toxics Coalition. While earning a Masters in Public Administration degree from the University of Washington, she worked for Seattle City Light for two years in their Environmental Affairs Division on site remediation projects. She was hired permanently by the Seattle Solid Waste Utility in 1989 which later became Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).

Gabriella’s initial focus at SPU was on yard and foodwaste composting and anaerobic digestion research, pilot studies for residential collection programs and other organics recycling issues. Since 2007 she has developed and tracked SPU’s C&D recycling programs which include landfill disposal bans on targeted construction materials, recycling facility certification and waste diversion reporting for building projects.

   Paul Van der Werf |  Owner, Consultant, 2cg
Markets Track #2:  How Recycling Depots can Contribute to the Circular Economy
Paul holds an MSc from the University of Guelph (Canada). He is currently enrolled in Western University’s (Canada) Department of Geography PhD program, with research focusing on methods to reduce food waste generation.In Canada, Paul is a recognized waste diversion expert. For the last 24 years he has worked professionally, throughout Canada and in Europe, primarily as a consultant, through his company 2cg ( He recently gained some new waste diversion insights by leading two waste management themed trade missions to the Netherlands, on behalf of the Dutch government.

  Sarah Vaira | Education and Outreach Coordinator , Waste Management 
Education #1: Recycle Corps - Behavior Change on a Large Scale
Sarah is an Education and Outreach Coordinator in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. In this position, Sarah develops and implements educational programs to increase participation in commercial and residential recycling and composting. A Northern California native, Sarah came to Washington to attend Seattle University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Humanities for Leadership and Environmental Studies with a specialization in Politics, Policy, and Justice. She is motivated to find mutually beneficial solutions for social and ecological systems to make the planet healthy for all. Sarah is an explorer at heart and is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast.

   Jeff West | President and General Manager, New Day Recycling and Olympic Organics 
Plenary Session: State of the State: Washington Compost Systems at the Crossroads
Jeff is the President and General Manager of New Day Recycling in Port Orchard Washington and Olympic Organics in Kingston, WA. He has over 25 years experience in the industry having worked his way up through the ranks from washing containers to District Manager for both Waste Management and Allied Waste. In 2007 he left the large companies to partner with his daughter and formed New Day Recycling LLC. Jeff previously served on the WSRA Board of Directors from 1996-1998. He also has served as a Steering Committee Member of the Waste Recycler’s Council for the National Solid Waste Management Association and has spoken nationally at Waste Expo as well as at past WSRA and WRRA Conferences. Originally from Montana, Jeff relocated to Washington while serving as a fireman in the Air Force at McCord Field in Tacoma. Married for 35 years to his wife Norma they have 3 kids (all of whom have worked on and off in the industry) as well as 4 grandkids aka future recyclers! He loves to travel and is a big admirer of Walt Disney.


Jason Alberich, WA Dept. of Ecology
Session: Workshop #4 | Ecology Doesn't Need Our Paper

Jason began working for Washington Department of Ecology as a Public Participation Grant Officer after graduating from Saint Martin’s University in 2008. In 2012, Jason was promoted to supervisor for the Waste 2 Resources Grants, Litter, and Outreach Unit. In this capacity, Jason monitors the Waste 2 Resources grant programs and supervises the program’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, 1-800-RECYCLING Hotline, and the Data Analysis Team.

Prior to his education and career with Department of Ecology, Jason served in the US Army for 14 years as an Intelligence Analyst.


Gabby Byrne,  Thurston County Solid Waste
Session: Education #1 | Taking a Bite out of Wasted Food in the Residential Sector

Gabby Byrne has been doing outreach and education in the South Sound for nearly a decade. During that time, she has focused primarily on environmental issues such as the Western Washington prairie ecosystem and the health of the Puget Sound. Since starting at Thurston County Solid Waste in January of this year, she has used her science and communications background to implement outreach efforts for the Waste Less Food campaign in Thurston County. She holds a Masters degree in English/Communications from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and a B.S. in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College.

Candy CastellanosPublic Education and Outreach Manager for Waste Management:
Sessions: Education Track #3 |Getting More from Multifamily: Promising Practices for Increasing Multifamily Diversion
Toolbox #3 | Building Successful Engagement Tools & Creative Partnerships that Create Social Norms

Candy is the Public Education and Outreach Manager for Waste Management in the Pacific Northwest. As a community leader and passionate environmental educator, Candy also serves as a company representative and partner to local community organizations, schools and businesses, including Zero Waste Washington, Washington Green Schools, the Washington State Recycling Association and the Solid Waste Association of North America. She has also spent the past 12 years volunteering as a board member for the Washington Conservation Voters and ForTerra (Cascade Land Conservancy). Candy's passion for waste diversion started at an early age - in 8th grade she organized the first recycling program at her middle school in California.

Abby Christensen, Revenue Share Administrator, Republic Services
Session: Education Track #3 | Getting More from Multifamily: Promising Practices for Increasing Multifamily Diversion
Abby has been working with Republic Services since 2013 as the Revenue Share Administrator. She is responsible for implementing innovative recycling education and outreach programs reaching 60,000 residential and multifamily customers in areas of King and Snohomish Counties that are regulated by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. She is focused on continuously increasing the annual recycling rate by implementing and thoroughly evaluating the effectiveness of pilot recycling programs so we can be that much closer to achieving zero waste.

Abby is a graduate from the University of Washington with a BS in Biology and a minor in Climate Science. During her time outside of work, Abby is an active member of the YMCA Youth and Government Alumni Committee and is a delegation advisor to middle and high school students interested in debate and the legislative process. Abby also loves to spend time hiking, cooking, and running.

Sabrina Combs, Recycling and Public Services Projects Administrator, City of Bothell
Sessions: Toolbox #2 | Social Media and the Gift Economy
Operations #2 | Working Collaboratively to Understand and Reduce Organics Contamination

Sabrina Combs is the City of Bothell’s Recycling and Public Services Projects Administrator for the last eight years. In 2010, she received the WSRA Recycler of the Year award for her work in Bothell. One of her passions is working with the community to provide outreach, education and encouragement for programs relating to the environment. As a wife and mother many of her commitments stem from connections she makes in the community. For her changing behaviors about recycling isn’t just about percentages we keep out of the landfill; but about attitudes and behaviors we can change. Her simple goal is to help everyone make one change and then make another and another. One of the methods she uses to communicate with the community is through social media with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. She is finding success through a partnership with the Buy Nothing Bothell Facebook group and the additional groups created from that group. The impact of sharing stuff led to an environment of sharing stories, events and talents in turn creating an entire network for providing tools, resources and ideas too.

Rick Cortabitarte, Western Region Sales Manager, Berry Plastics -Institutional Can Liner Division
Session: Operations #1 | Reducing Materials that Leave Your Facility by Planning What Comes Into It
Rick Cortabitarte has worked with a wide range of businesses over the past 26 years helping to indentify alternatives aimed at reducing the amount of plastic used in the waste removal process. Rick has helped countless facilities reduce their purchase, use, and disposal of trash can liners. Rick is currently the Western Regional Sales Manager for Berry Plastics Institutional Can Liner Division.

  Scott Cresswell, Georgia Pacific, Senior Account Executive
Session: Operations #1 | Reducing Materials that Leave Your Facility by Planning What Comes Into It
Scott has been in this industry since 1997. His territory currently includes Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. His customers have come to rely on him to help them find ways to strive to be sustainable every day. Georgia Pacific defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of society today without jeopardizing our ability to do so in the future.”

  Mendy Droke, Policy Liaison for the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, King County
Session: Policy #2 | Product Stewardship and the Law
Mendy has worked as a Policy Liaison for the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County since 2013. She focuses her work on policy for toxic and hard to handle materials. Her primary focus is on stewardship legislation and she has worked during the 2014 and 2015 Legislative Session on paint stewardship.

  Jeff Epstein, Princ

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