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Multifamily Recycling Outreach Program Request for Proposals | Kitsap County

Monday, June 30, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lindsay Kittleson
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Kitsap County Public Works Department, Solid Waste Division 
for Consultant Services for Multifamily Recycling Outreach Program 


Kitsap County Public Works Solid Waste Division (the County) is seeking proposals from 
qualified consulting firms to develop an improved multifamily recycling outreach program that 
increases program participation and diversion and improves the quality of materials collected 
from multifamily commingled recycling programs. 

Multifamily recycling programs have long been plagued by low tenant participation, poor 
material quality, and high contamination rates. Kitsap County is one of many counties to 
implement multifamily outreach programs over the last decade with moderate success. 
Strategies included increasing signage, developing tenant-targeted publications, and educating property managers on the benefits of recycling. 

All of these strategies share a common thread – they were developed by solid waste 
professionals with little to no input from their target audience. The County is proposing to tackle the issue of multifamily recycling outreach through use of the Community-Based Social 
Marketing (CBSM) approach – a proven discipline for influencing public behaviors through 
sound research, empirical data, and thoughtful program design. The County’s goal is to find the 
needs, barriers, benefits, and motivators of our audience before engaging in targeted outreach.

In conjunction with County staff, a consulting firm with CBSM experience will conduct a barrier 
and benefit analysis with a test group of multifamily tenants, using focus groups or other market research method(s), if necessary, with the purpose of extracting actual barriers to participation in multifamily recycling programs and to determine what would motivate tenants to recycle more frequently and help tenants to recycle more accurately. 
The Consultant will identify what barriers and benefits, if addressed and remedied, are likely to influence behavior change and recommend strategies for outreach. Once the outreach 
strategies are identified through the benefit and barrier analysis, the County will pilot them 
individually at selected pilot multifamily complexes (approximately 6 properties) of varying size and demographics throughout the County. Changes in the quantity of materials collected and the contamination rate of the recycling stream at the pilot complexes will be measured before and after the pilot period of six (6) months. 

At the end of the pilot period, the Consultant will develop a cost-benefit analysis of each 
outreach method conducted in the pilot. 
Success of individual outreach practices will be measured based on the delta between the 
before and after waste sorts at the pilot complexes. For example, if an in-unit recycling bag 
($2.00 for the County to provide with an average life of 1 year) was provided to each apartment dwelling, and each unit produced 1.5 lbs/week of recyclables before the pilot and 2.5 lbs/week after the pilot, the cost benefit would be $2.00/52 lbs/year. This will assist the County in implementing strategies more cost effective in the long run, and create tangible change in diversion and quality numbers. 
Upon completion of the project, the Consultant will submit a full report of the findings to the 
County, along with recommendations for full program implementation. 
Consultant responsibilities shall include: 
- Utilizing market research techniques agreed upon by the Consultant and the County to 
gather information to assist in determining barriers and benefits of recycling to 
multifamily property residents. Preferred methodology would be use of focus groups; 
- Conducting initial composition study of commingled recyclables at multifamily complexes 
chosen for pilot program through random sampling of on-site containers; 
- Assisting the County with developing and distributing outreach materials at pilot 
complexes, as determined through recommendations in the barrier and benefit analysis; 
- Conducting follow-up composition study for a pre-determined amount of time after pilot 
implementation to determine effectiveness of the program. Outreach method impact will 
be measured by tonnage of clean recyclables and contamination levels; 
- Deliverables: 
      - Comprehensive barrier and benefit analysis, including common themes, 
         perceived motivators, perceived benefits, barriers to recycling, possible 
         misunderstandings that lead to contaminated recyclables, and recommendations 
         for optimal outreach methods (due at conclusion of market research phase and 
         prior to pilot); 
      - Comprehensive final report to include the following: 
           - Summary findings of barrier and benefit analysis; 
           - Initial and follow-up composition study reports; 
           - Summary of outreach methods piloted; 
           - Cost/benefit analysis of outreach methods used in pilot study; 
           - Summary of findings and recommendations for wide-scale program 
Project budget cannot exceed total compensation of $50,000 for consultant services. Additional funding of up to $10,000 is available for outreach supplies and materials. 
This project is funded through a State of Washington Department of Ecology Coordinated 
Prevention Grant and all work must be completed by June 30, 2015. 

All questions regarding this solicitation must be submitted by e-mail before 12:00 p.m. on 
Thursday, July 3, 2014
, and should be directed to: 
Chris Piercy, Recycling Coordinator 
Kitsap County Public Works 
Responses to all questions received will be provided by Wednesday, July 9, 2014, and will be 
published as an addendum to the RFP. 
Failure to request clarification of any inadequacy, omission, or conflict will not relieve the vendor of any responsibilities under this solicitation or any subsequent contract. It is the responsibility of the interested vendor to assure that they received responses to questions if any are issued. 

Submitted proposal must include the following information: 
 - Letter of Interest specifying the Request for Proposals number; 
 - Coversheet containing the Proposer’s pertinent contact information; 
 - Detailed Statement of Qualifications showing the Proposer’s experience developing and 
    executing similar projects, including the Proposer’s experience using Community-Based 
    Social Marketing (CBSM); 
 - Proposer’s strategy for conducting the project as described in the Scope of Work, 
    including an identified Timeline for developing and implementing the project; 
 - An itemized Project Budget; 
 - Identification of all key personnel to be assigned to this project, including each staff 
   member’s qualifications and their proposed roles in the project. Please note: the 
 - Proposer shall commit that the identified staff in the proposal will actually perform the 
   assigned work. Staff substitution must have prior approval of the County; 
 - If sub-consultants will be used, identification of the proposed firm(s) and information on 
   their experience, qualification, responsible personnel, and anticipated responsibilities; 
 - References and current contact information for at least three (3) current or former 
   customers with service needs and/or programs similar in size and scope to the County; 
 - Copy of the Proposer’s current Certificate of Liability Insurance showing evidence of 
   proper insurance, including the required levels shown in Exhibit A: Draft Contract; and 
 - Any additional information the Proposer feels addresses the selection criteria.
Selection shall be based on the following: 
1. Previous experience and demonstrated success working, developing, and 
executing projects with scope and size similar to Kitsap County, including 
the Proposer’s experience using the Community-Based Social Marketing 
(CBSM) approach (30 points) 

2. Qualifications of the Proposer’s staff assigned to this project and a 
demonstrated ability of the Proposer to fulfill the tasks, goals and 
responsibilities identified in the Scope of Work (15 points) 

3. Project Timeline (15 points) 

4. Project Budget (10 points) 

5. Familiarity with the recycling and/or solid waste industry (10 points) 

6. References (10 points) 

7. Thoroughness and clarity of proposal (10 points) 
Should the County determine that interviews are desirable, up to 25 additional points may be 
granted based on those interviews. Ranking will be made on a total point basis of the proposal 
and the interview, if conducted. 
Four (4) copies of the proposal must be submitted with the Request for Proposal (RFP) number, 
the date and time of the response deadline and the name and address of the respondent clearly 
stated on the outside of the envelope. 
Proposals for additional Kitsap County open bid opportunities must be submitted separately. 
Proposals received after the specified date and time will automatically be rejected and will not 
receive any further consideration. Postmarked, faxed or e-mailed proposals will not be 
Please submit by mail to: 
R’Lene J. Brobak, Manager  
Kitsap County Purchasing Office  
614 Division Street, MS-21  
Port Orchard, WA 98366  
OR Hand deliver to: 
R’Lene J. Brobak, Manager
Kitsap County Administration Building
Purchasing Office – Fourth Floor
619 Division Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366

All costs for proposal preparation and negotiation incurred by the proposer, whether or not they lead to execution of a contract and agreement with Kitsap County, must be borne entirely and exclusively by the proposer. 
Kitsap County reserves the following rights for acceptance, modification, and/or rejection of 
submitted proposals such as: 
1. Rejection of any or all proposals. 
2. Rejection of any proposal not in compliance with proposal requirements. 
3. Providing of addenda, amendments, supplementary material or other modifications to 
the proposal specifications. 
4. Cancellation of this Request for Proposals without issuance of another Request for 
5. Issuance of subsequent requests for new proposals. 
6. Request for submission of further information by the proposer in order to complete 
evaluation by Kitsap County. 
7. Determination to select one or more proposers for attempted negotiation of a final 
contract(s). Decisions made by Kitsap County will be final. 

For more information, please click here.

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